Elliott Holliday is a junior majoring in Physics. He is from Durham, NC.

Erik Ryder is a senior majoring in geology and minoring in Biological Sciences. He is a transgender male from Hampton, NC and believes that STEM education should be accessible to everyone. Last year, he went to Zambia to teach a school and is currently raising money so that he can build a school for the kids there.

Neal Hairston is a junior majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Spanish. Neal is from Durham, NC and aspires to take away the stigma that scientists are a specialized group of people.

Joelle Fuchs is a junior majoring in neurobiology.

Raya Boyd is a second-year student majoring in Chemistry and minoring in military science and environmental toxicology. Raya is from Charlotte, NC and wants to encourage the notion that being a nerd is completely okay.

Michael Lewis is a first-year student at NC State majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Applied Ecology. He is from Goldsboro, NC where he graduated from Wayne School of Engineering in 2016.  As of now, he doesn’t know where life might take him.